31 storeys
Meeting Marlo
Concepts for Concept Pitch. I'm putting all my heart and soul into this.
lonely lil girl befriends a smiling red balloon Marlo.
Happy times.
till it rains, his smile drips into an upside down grin.

he is sad.
that's the true nature of balloons
they are meant to be free.

so she accidentally lets go many times,
but manages to catch him back in the nick.

eventually, she has to run up a 40 storey building to get him back.
realizing thus, that she should learn to let go
because Marlo was meant to be free.

Thus she lets go, and moves on.

below is the ending, suggested by keith. brilliant.

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The Poet in the Glass Jar | November 17, 2007 at 4:38 AM

that drawing you done, it's SO wonderful... and so symbolic when you get the explanation of it. the balloon and the stairs, it's really deep, i can really relate it to myself =) great job!!