The Story of I
Version 2.0

This is the new balloon story, The Story of I.
The balloon story featuring Milla has been scrapped after 16 weeks of work, and in the space of five days we dreamed up a new concept during SP4 (amazingly!).

I drew the storyboards (i thought impossible), Theo inked, and everyone colored. Stella visualised the intro in flash, and Zhen slapped it all together.

3 notes:

Anonymous | April 14, 2008 at 12:08 PM

Hi Syarah, very well done!
Good imagination, the music nicely fit into your movie clip too, it reminded me of the japanese animation movie by Hayao Mizayaki. ~jes

Tom | April 17, 2008 at 1:42 AM


Great captivating work, just alittle comment.

1. I think your ideas might be a little off mainstream, artistic and get people thinking but people don't really want to think when they look at animation. Or maybe, it's just lazy oh me...haha

2. Arrows...(again, maybe it's just me saying) don't really get why the use of arrows to illustrate movements, why not another frame?

Overall, I would say its great work! However, I felt touched by it, but dosent understand why, maybe it's the sadness of the popping balloons or the irony of not able to hold on to the line...Perhaps its the music...haha....if this is your purpose, then you have done a great job, if not, then ambiguity should be minimized. I think you guys could easily be featured in those TVMobile ads, featuring poly work...maybe you want to think of a clearer line... after all, a good portfolio = Marketability = $$$

2 cents worth from a Biz student...

The Poet in the Glass Jar | June 16, 2008 at 6:39 AM

Actually I loved the use of arrows, I thought it gave the video a very unique style... <3

To be honest this clip just took my breath away. I can watch it just over and over and over again. It's beautiful, just beautiful, and well thought through... It's nice to see that there are so talented people out there.

keep it up, please! I love to see more! <3